Hi, I’m Anthony, I’m 37, French, and I have been working over more than a decade in data analytics. Over the past 13 years, I had the privilege to work and advise leadership teams, product and sales departments leaders into achieving their goals, helping them growing their business by turning complex data related questions into simple and actionable insights. I worked in France, England and Germany.

In the course of the years, to achieve my mission, I developed my skillsets in two complementary directions to help me answers questions always more complex.

On the one side, I kept deepening my business skills and knowledge after my master in management degree from SKEMA business school; combining it on the other hand with programming skills (SQL, Python) which I learnt on the job and developed in parallel.

I’m still living in Berlin, but will in the run of 2021 relocate to M√ľnster, in West Germany, close to the Netherlands.

It’s not about data; it’s all about the decisions and actions you can drive to achieve the company’s goals.

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