is a light analytics web platform which I developed, entirely coded in Python, using Django Framework, allowing users to perform some basic data analytics:

Create a sales forecast with DataInsightOut

You can easily create a forecast using DataInsightOut. The platform allows to generate one or many forecasts, just by uploading a dataset and selecting a few parameter.

The forecast generated is using Prophet, an open-source forecasting algorithm published by the core data science at Facebook. Just to reassure you in case you have this question: no, Facebook is not reading your data. All major Silicon Valley players regularly develop software and tools which they open to the IT community as theses players have the best workd-in-class developers and brains to work on their unique needs.

It’s usage actually requires only 2 columns: one column with the date, one column with the value you want to forecast. What the value is is never mentioned explicitely: in other words, only you know what the value is (it can be apple or pears, this information is only known from you).

Run a customer segmentation with DataInsightOut

DataInsightOut allows to perform a customer segmentation.

Again, it all starts by uploading a dataset to the tool, and then the algorithm coded in Python programming language will generate as output a scoring of your customers, based on their historical purchases at your shop.

Segmenting a customer portfolio is a complex task – but also a recurring one. You need to regularly segment and re-segment your customers – or at least re-run their scoring every month, every quarter or every year.

For a given customer, its score can change over time – and if you need to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, you might want to track the scoring evolution of customers cohorts.

What about the pricing model?

The pricing model for the usage of DataInsightOut is quite simple and straightforward.

There is no recurring fee. It’s a one shot price for a fixed period of time. Indeed, you might not need to forecast every day. You might want to test the tool for a very affordable price.

Maybe you need such an analytic platform every 6 months only.

Hence this pricing model which I estimated fair.

For more complex data, you can of course reach out to me directly to see how I can help you.