>13 years driving growth through data expertise for these companies:

>13 years driving growth through data expertise for these companies:
>13 years driving growth through data expertise for these companies:

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Nicola Breyer
Nicola BreyerChief Commercial Officier OptioPay, Fintech

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Anthony. His incredible capacity of making complex data structures look simple is exemplary. His ability to always find patterns and a basis for decision-making, which one might have not expected with pure business logic have continuously impressed me. In addition, his great business acumen enables him to not only to communicate at leadership level, coming up with potential projects, negotiation tactics beyond his scope of work, but to also challenge existing assumptions made/

Thai-Binh Phan
Thai-Binh PhanFounder & CEO at smarterplan.io

If you are looking for a talent who knows how to mix deep analytical insights with strategic business perspectives, while showing great focus to deliver real impact and a very easy-to-connect-with attitude at the same time, Anthony is certainly your person. That's why I was lucky enough to hire/recommend him twice in the past years, for two very different companies, and he managed to thrive as a top recruit in both environments.

Matthieu Blaise
Matthieu BlaiseProduct & Digital Transformation

I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony for 3 years. I can recommend Anthony as a person with great knowledge and deep expertise of modern Business Intelligence solutions. Anthony is a self motivated, efficient, broad-minded and deadline oriented perfectionist with a great skill to analyze and summarize business trends & opportunities. His wide proficiency and experience and his straight-to-problems way of thinking makes him view solutions instead of problems.

Bill Diara
Bill DiaraCEO MTick

Anthony is a real visionary and his data are always relevant for the Strategic and marketing orientation. Real pleasure to work with him.

Julien Bosselut
Julien BosselutCOO & Co-Founder, Lovaskin

Anthony has a real business focus and knowledge, giving figures a real business decision sense. More than an analyst he is always leveraging the datas to find new way to exploit it.

Geoffrey Aspeele
Geoffrey AspeeleInvestment manager, Pictet

Rigueur, richesse d'esprit, débauche de créativité, capacité d'analyse hors du commun et sens aiguisé du marketing. Voilà, à mon sens, les principales caractéristiques d'Anthony Skolozdrzyk Ardouin.

Examples of what I can do for you:

Co-leading Projects and Initiatives through data insights

Drive complex data analysis and turn data insight into actionable outputs.

Presentation to C-suite or department leadership.

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Performing Deep Customer Analysis

Build a customer segmentation to map your customers into relevant categories to address.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to assess the value of customers from their acquisition and avoid churn.

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Advanced data modelling

Working on high-volume and complex databases, using systems such as MySQL, Teradata or Oracle Hyperion.

Scikit Python's data science, Forecasting with Prophet and Sarimax models, distribution analysis, data manipulation with Pandas module

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Sales and Revenue Forecasting

Generating sales and revenue forecasts to help budget process and set sales teams goals.

Mass forecasting via machine learning, using Prophet and ARIMA algorithms.

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Dashboard & reporting creation

Creating automated reports on Qlikview or any other Business Intelligence platform to democratize data access to your teams.

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Pricing analysis

Helping adjusting your pricing strategy and tactical moves in order to maximize your margin and meet customers' satisfaction.

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