Here are a few examples of the topics / projects on which on I have been working on; some of the skills which can maybe have some value for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help you.

Financial and growth impact modelling (revenue simulation)

Assessing the financial (top line) impact of business of projects and business new projects, what if analysis.

  • Leading for PayPal the global financial impact of eBay’s switching to a new payment processor, financial monthly forecasting and sensitivity analysis.
  • Financial modelling impact of the Twenga vs. Google legal action at European level, in close collaboration with Deloitte and a private investment company Clipperton
  • Assessing COVID-19’s impact on financials and customers’ behaviours for PayPal at EMEA level and identifying growth opportunities, directly from PayPal’s databases.
  • Supporting PayPal’s EMEA budget process, by leading the bottom-up budget; generating individual forecasts using machine learning technique (4 months project, involving US headquarter).
  • (see my post here regarding the Monte-Carlo simulation to assess the value of a company)

Customer segmentation

Determining the value of each customer and clustering them into similar groups to ensure focus for customer first oriented companies.

  • Segmenting a portfolio of several million of customers for PayPal, leveraging a model developed by McKinsey consulting to help structure the sales team for the next financial year.
  • Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) customer scoring model implementation in Python programming language, based on dynamic and relative values. This starts by leveraging millions of transactions at customers level in a given time frame and implementing the right calculations to generate an individual score. This scores helps the marketing department implementing the right action for the right customer at the right moment.

Pricing analysis

Maximizing companies’ margin and customer satisfaction by adjusting and assessing their pricing to meet demand and align with competition

  • Yield management – Managed for Avis’ the B2C pricing for international and domestic French market of their fleet, in synchronization with the fleet, finance and marketing departments. Matching offer and demand based on demand forecasting and fleet movement adjustments and designing seasonal pricing matrix per car category and customer origin market, based on latest trends.
  • Building for Twenga’s Read To Sell (RTS) their original B2B pricing grid and yearly new pricing rates. This was an internal direct program in more than 8 markets, targeting eCommerce merchants who wanted to list their product catalogue on Twenga pricing comparison search engine.

Product portfolio analysis

Supporting the launch and feature implementation of products with numbers and facts, leading to further improvements and / or change in strategy

  • 3 years collaborating with the European Product department of PayPal, advising product owners / product managers with Bain, Boston Consulting Group backgrounds, working on topics, among the others, such as P2P Payments, country launch, features roll-out, KYB/KYC process, password recovery topics.
  • Building product lifecycle curves for Okaïdi, allowing the purchase department to determine the optimal moment to order / re-order in order to maximize the sales.
  • Supporting the launch of Google Pay via PayPal on the German market, liaising with the HQ in California, from SQL queries to reporting and growth opportunities based on customer behavioural patterns.

Customer lifecycle analysis

From acquisition, activation, engagement until churn, supporting companies’ deepening the understanding of their customer database.

  • Cohort analysis showing engagement evolution based on week / month of customer’s activation created in Python
  • Building for Okaïdi, the leader fashion retail in France for Kids’clothes, their size order grids, to guide the purchase department order the right quantity of clothes in each size

Market share defense strategy

  • Elaborating a market share defense strategy for PayPal on the German market, based on a unique scoring model, aiming at providing the tailor-made solution to existing back-book customers; in order to avoid churn.